What Does a “Power of Attorney” Do?

What Does a Power of Attorney Really Do? | blog post image

When you give someone your Power of Attorney, that person can handle your personal and business affairs if you are still living, but unable to take care of these things for yourself due to illness, injury, deployment, or any number of other reasons. The many powers granted to an “attorney-in-fact” can be divided among multiple…


Why You (Yes, You!) Need an Estate Plan

Do you have the stuff? Then it's time to talk about estate planning | blog post image

Do you have stuff?  Are you going to die someday?  If so, then you need to think about what you want to have happen to that stuff after you’re gone. In other words, you need an estate plan. In Indiana, if you are married with children and die without a will, your spouse inherits only…


NO EXCUSES: Ignorance is NOT Bliss in Indiana Law

No excuses: ignorance is not bliss when it comes to Indiana law | Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A.

Everyone should make some effort to understand whether their actions are permitted by Indiana law — or at least, not forbidden by the law. Before a decision is made to buy a home or open a new business, or even to cross the street, the buyer, the business person, or a walker would be well advised to…