Your Business Is Our Business: Plan Ahead for Changes

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Small business owners need to have a succession plan in place for the future You made your estate plan, but what will happen to the business you worked so hard to build? You spent your own time and treasure to build your business.  Have you planned for what will happen to it when you retire…


Discover Your Options for Medicaid and Long-Term Care

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You may be eligible for Medicaid coverage if and when you need nursing home services. So, have you looked into your long-term care planning options? If you’re getting close to retirement age, this needs to be moved off your to-do list and onto your “to-DONE” list. There’s about a 70% chance that a 65-year-old person…


What Does a “Power of Attorney” Do?

What Does a Power of Attorney Really Do? | blog post image

When you give someone your Power of Attorney, that person can handle your personal and business affairs if you are still living, but unable to take care of these things for yourself due to illness, injury, deployment, or any number of other reasons. The many powers granted to an “attorney-in-fact” can be divided among multiple…


Why You (Yes, You!) Need an Estate Plan

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Do you have stuff?  Are you going to die someday?  If so, then you need to think about what you want to have happen to that stuff after you’re gone. In other words, you need an estate plan. In Indiana, if you are married with children and die without a will, your spouse inherits only…