Expungement: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Expungements: Don't Wait Until It's Too Late | blog post

An expungement seals records and can be the path to a fresh start. Some estimates state that as many as one out of five Americans has a criminal conviction. While we all want to feel safe as we go about our lives, are that many of our neighbors dangerous criminals? The answer is clearly no.…


NO EXCUSES: Ignorance is NOT Bliss in Indiana Law

No excuses: ignorance is not bliss when it comes to Indiana law | Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A.

Everyone should make some effort to understand whether their actions are permitted by Indiana law — or at least, not forbidden by the law. Before a decision is made to buy a home or open a new business, or even to cross the street, the buyer, the business person, or a walker would be well advised to…