Bankruptcy Can Be a Lifesaver

When creditors are circling you like sharks, we’re here to help.

by Mark Peden, Attorney at Law

Only a few attorneys in Indiana know how to do bankruptcy cases properly, and you need an expert. In a quarter century of handling Chapter 7 for many clients, I can say I’ve never had a bankruptcy “abuser” — rather, hitting a rough patch in life is usually what leads people to file for bankruptcy. The most noteworthy factors leading to bankruptcy are: (1.) Loss of job, (2.) Divorce, (3.) Medical expenses, (4.) Death of spouse, as well as (5.) Insufficient retirement income.

We can help you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Get a fresh start, and reaffirm your house or car debt only if you think they are worth keeping. Discharge those credit cards that never let you get your head above water, so you can be free of the bill collectors.

Contact us for a free consultation to see if you qualify for bankruptcy.

Our legal fee is $950, and the court cost is $335. You can pay over time if needed. We will make it as easy as possible and be with you all the way as you navigate this season of your life.