Foster Care Adoption

If you are a current placement of a foster child through the Department of Child Services and ready for the adoption process, let Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A. navigate this process for you.  Our attorneys have the experience and relationships with the Department of Child Services to ensure you receive all possible resources. Our attorneys will file the adoption in your county of choice, assist in mediations, and appear in court, often at no out of pocket expense to the family. We pride ourselves in knowing we provide continuous communication to our adoption clients and are willing to answer questions at all stages. If you are ready to create your new family unit, call Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A., and meet with one of our qualified attorneys.

Newborn Adoption

If you have been contacted by a birth mother and are ready to adopt a newly born child, call Foley, Peden & Wisco, P.A. and allow one of our trusted attorneys to assist in the process. We provide an honest and supportive experience from the time you meet with us through the adoption hearing and any questions which may arise thereafter. We travel to all Indiana hospitals at any time of the day and provide cell numbers for easy access to our attorneys.  If you are looking for an attorney who is effective and personable to help with your adoption process, call Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A. to speak to one of our attorneys today.

Adult Adoption

You’ve loved them forever and, now that they’re grown, they want you to be their official parents. Here at Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A., we can formalize your family. If you’re ready to make the family they want into the family they have, call Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A. to schedule a free consultation with one of our effective and personable attorneys.

Starks Family

The Stark Family: Our Adoption Story

"We had a unique opportunity to adopt a baby from out of state in a very short time frame. From our first meeting with Grace, we felt taken care of and knew we were in the right hands. Our law team work tirelessly to ensure our adoption went as smoothly as possible! The complexity of our adoption was handled with care and thoughtfulness. Grace was so motivated in making us a family of three, she even worked during her own maternity leave! Grace celebrated with us at the courthouse for the finalization of our adoption in July. We are beyond grateful to the Foley Peden & Wisco team for the efficiency and dedication to our case."

Adopting grandkids in Indiana

Step-Parent Adoption

If you are a step-parent desiring to adopt your step-child, contact Foley, Peden & Wisco, P.A. to speak with a trusted attorney. A step-parent adoption can happen with or without the consent of the biological parent. If you are looking to make your “family by love” into your “family by law,” contact Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A. for trusted and honest advice.

Grandparent or Family Adoption

If you are a grandparent or other family member raising a child, call Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A. to get honest advice on the adoption process.  Grandparents and family members can adopt a child with or without the consent of biological parents depending on the specific details. If you are ready to provide stability and create your new family, call Foley Peden & Wisco, P.A. to schedule a free consultation.

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